Read our first blog post to learn about how Ardorology started.

Our First Blog Post

Today, July 27th, marks three months since the launch of Ardorology. Three months seems a rather arbitrary number as milestones are usually declared for much mightier feats.  But it’s important to celebrate the little wins in both business and your personal life as life is short and comes in overlapping waves of trials and blessings. Celebrate you and all that you have accomplished, all that you have overcome, and the blessings that have finally arrived - celebrate it all!

How it all began

Ardorology was founded when I was in a very dark space as my mental health was suffering immensely. I turned to jewelry design as means to escape my inner demons and negative thoughts. As someone with little background in jewelry design but a connoisseur of jewelry, it was rather daunting to delve into this world. But more importantly, I found it therapeutic and rewarding to find something new that I was passionate about and loved doing. Through this, I learned to be kind to myself, I also started working on my relationship with my Creator. I became passionate about taking care of my mental health, my deen, and creating jewelry pieces which reflect that eternal journey. 

What does Ardorology mean?

Some of you might be wondering what in the heck Ardorology means and trust me you’re not alone. Well, ardor is defined as passion or great love for something and -ology is defined as a branch of knowledge or a subject of study. Together, Ardorology is the study of things that I became passionate about on the journey toward a better mental health and the jewelry pieces are beautiful little mementos created along the way. 



Each jewelry piece, whether it be the Alhumdullilah necklace or the Hope coin bracelet, each piece has been thoughtfully designed to be meaningful and intentional to you. They are designed with love to serve as reminders to never lose hope, to love yourself, and to know that Allah loves you too. 


Sharing the love

So going back to three months…

Three months is a very short amount of time, however within these three months Ardorology has received endless love and support to which we are greatly appreciative of and humbled by. To express our gratitude to all that Allah has provided for us, we are donating 10% of our Eid al-Adha sales to Asiyah Women’s Center.  

Asiyah Women’s Center is the first women’s emergency center in New York City and New Jersey to address the gap of services for the Muslim, Middle Eastern, South Asian, Arab, Black, Indigenous, and People of Color population. They provide temporary housing and resources for victims of domestic abuse, women facing evictions, and homelessness. Some of the resources they provide include mental health and medical services, connections to job opportunities, and much more. They aim to empower these women that have gone through so much and help them overcome their deeply traumatic experiences. 

If you have a chance, check out their website and consider making a donation. 


We are excited for what the future brings and hope that you will join us on this journey. Thank you for your support, may Allah bless you always.


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