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Hope Coin Necklace

Hope Coin Necklace

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We've received a lot of comments asking for the necklace version of our super popular Hope Coin Bracelet and here it is! Featuring five coin charms that are important tenents of faith:

Dua is our supplication to our Creator, it’s our conversation with Him to ask him for guidance, for relief, for whatever our heart desires. Dua is powerful, it’s transformational, and can bring about miracles.

Hilm is described as one of the prophetic traits in the Holy Quran. It means to have forbearance and deliberateness.  

Tawakkul means putting our trust in Allah especially in hard times in our lives and having faith that Allah will take care of our affairs.

Sabr is often the most testing of them all- patience to wait for your blessing to come or your trial to end. Sabr is beautiful and practice of it brings out many blessings.

Al-Anah is described as the one that is patient, the one that practices perseverance.   


We want you wear this necklace wherever you go and to always remember that tough times don't last, tough people do. 



  • 18k gold plated stainless steel.
  • Hypoallergenic. 
  • Let's be real, you want this. You deserve this. 
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